Securing your development, construction and property projects

Urban planning – Construction – Real estate

Our urban planning – construction – real estate team works alongside public and mixed structures and private operators (promoters, developers, building contractors, engineering design offices).

Urban planning law: we draft and facilitate the development of urban planning documents and participate in implementing land management tools (development, expropriation, pre-emption) in respect of environmental considerations (classified facilities, environmental permits, protection of fauna/flora, environmental planning, energy/insulation standards, waste disposal). We also provide litigation services regarding town planning permits (building and development permits, commercial operating permits, etc.)

Construction law: our team provides legal services in public and private construction (private and public contracts: awarding, execution, litigation, implementing contractors’ warranties and insurance, legal appraisals).

Real estate law: our scope of action includes property law and co-ownership law. We draft and execute real estate contracts (development, pre-sales and construction of private homes).


Urban planning law and land development:

  • Regulatory urban planning (territorial cohesion plan [SCOT], local zoning [PLU], inter-communal zoning [PLUi], communal maps)
  • Urban planning permits (progress follow-up, building permit audits and litigation, notice of intended building alterations, urban planning certificates, development permits)
  • Development: Mixed development zones [ZAC, ZAE], development agreement, declarations of public utility [DUP], project filings
  • Subdivision, grouped permits
  • Urban planning equity holdings
  • Land management assistance (expropriation, pre-emption)
  • Commercial urban planning

Environmental law:

  • Classified facilities (ICPE)
  • Wastes, mines
  • Prefectural permits, public enquiries, impact studies

Construction law:

  • Assistance with private and public procurement procedures
  • Assistance with private and public contract performance, design and works monitoring
  • Guarantees (contractual, latent defects, acceptance and defects liability warranty [GPA], biennial, decennial, elements potentially leading to joint and several liability [EPERS])
  • Amicable expert appraisals and judicial appraisals
  • Judicial and administrative litigation

Real estate law:

  • Real estate contracts, pre-sales [VEFA], property development, construction of private homes
  • Building leases, renovation leases, long-term leases, rural leases
  • Real estate (sales, demarcation, division into volumes, easements, abnormal neighbourhood disturbances)
  • Co-ownership law (co-ownership property creation/management: disputes arising from general meetings of co-owners, damage to communal or private areas, recovery of condominium fees, etc.)