Thiébault Dangel is a partner at Adven. With more than 14 years’ experience as a lawyer, Thiébault works alongside public and private institutional clients dealing with issues relating to urban planning, development, land management, expropriation and building projects.

He provides training services, notably with the CNFPT.

Aware of environmental issues and attentive to changes in our landscapes, Thiébault is involved in think tanks on the renaturation of certain neglected areas.



Assisted a conurbation community regarding a project to extend a tramway line as part of an overall development operation (mixed development zone – ZAC)


Provided legal assistance to a City Hall (over 35,000 inhabitants) to implement a consortium agreement involving an operational action programme as part of the ANRU+ innovation project (contracting and legal security with the partners)



Permanent assistance to a municipality (over 20,000 inhabitants) for examining requests for permits and handling town planning disputes (building permits, development permits, prior notifications, etc.)


Specialised Post-graduate Degree (DESS) in Local Government Administration (Master II, University of Strasbourg)