Standing up for your company’s interests

Advice and litigation for commercial companies

We provide advice to traders, partners and managers of commercial companies.

Our litigation department handles out-of-court settlements, corporate law litigation and economic and competition litigation (including unfair competition, breaches in business relations, debt collection, disputes relating to commercial leases, partner disputes).

As advisors, our lawyers specialising in business law participate towards drafting and negotiating contracts, particularly commercial leases.

We also assist our clients regarding all aspects relating to business difficulties (restructuring as part of amicable preventive applications: ad hoc mandates, conciliations or insolvency proceedings).

Scope of action

  • Dispute settlement in conflictual business relations relationships
  • Execution, performance and termination of business contracts
  • Post-transfer business dispute settlement
  • Breach of negotiations or established business relations
  • Contractual and tortious liability, specific professional liability (regulated professions, developers, builders), directors’ liability
  • Conflicts between partners, and post-acquisition conflicts involving companies
  • Business litigation (civil, commercial and criminal)