Optimise your tax situation

Litigation defence and tax strategy

The tax team provides strategic consulting services to companies, including investment vehicle and internal organisation restructuring.

We assist company directors in managing, optimising and securing their current operations, significant projects and asset transfers.

As your true legal partners, we also defend your interests before the tax authorities and the courts.


Corporate taxation :

  • Corporate tax management :
    • Tax audits (income tax, VAT, local taxes, effective tax rate, etc.)
    • Group tax policy management (current taxation, tax consolidation, reporting processes, liquidity agreements)
    • Business flow optimisation
  • Assistance with extraordinary operations :
    • Internal and external restructuring operations: group reorganisation, business disposals, acquisition audits, liability guarantees
    • Securing international transactions: transfer pricing, inbound and outbound investments, tax structuring

Senior officer’s taxation

  • Personal tax management
    • Tax residence, international mobility
    • Management packages (stock-options, free shares, etc.)
  • Business and assets transfer optimisation :
    • Family buy-outs
    • Private asset restructuration
    • Relations with tax and customs authorities :
  • Securing operations :
    • Tax rescripts
    • Applications for accreditation
  • Defending taxpayer interests :
    • Audit assistance (account audits, personal tax audits)
    • Tax litigation
Portrait photo : Ambroise Ferretti, avocat spécialisé en droit fiscal
Portrait photo : Laurent Heinrich, avocat fiscaliste