Protecting your brand and online presence

Industrial property and emerging technologies law

Adven is a partner of SCAN Avocats, with whom it shares its offices in Strasbourg. SCAN Avocats are renowned practitioners in legal advice and litigation, intellectual property law, digital law and information technology law.

Adven and SCAN Avocats will therefore be able to assist you with protecting and enhancing your intellectual property rights, digital projects, ensuring legal compliance and defending assets against new kinds of infringements.


Intellectual property law :

  • Trademark and design law (protection, management, operation, defence, development),
  • Copyright (protection, management, operation, defence),
  • Civil and criminal litigation, anti-counterfeiting,
  • Patents and employee inventions,
  • Advertising and communication law

Digital law :

  • Internet and e-commerce law (advice and monitoring a company’s digital activity),
  • Domain names (protection, management, operation, defence, enhancement),
  • Anti-piracy,
  • E-reputation (auditing and monitoring, support and defence)
  • Personal data (data processing by the company, security breaches, internet at the workplace)
  • IT law and contracts (digital creation protection, defence of rights, IT contracts, telecom contracts
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