Medical law :

ADVEN’s medical law team, coordinated by Matthieu Hanser and Antoine Marcantoni, includes advice and litigation on behalf of public and private entities (public hospitals, private clinics, retirement homes etc.), professionals (doctors, dentists, pharmacists, laboratories etc.). Our attorneys are active in all areas of healthcare: organization of the profession and of the public service, practice, in cooperation with ADVEN’s other departments (public law, employment and tax law, company law etc.)


Medical law and Public entities

  • Organization and management of  public healthcare establishments
  • Hospitals property and contracts (public and private, public procurement contracts)
  • Medical agents (civil servants, private employment contracts, doctors etc.)
  • E-medicine, other healthcare services (transportation, equipments etc.)

Medical law and Private entities

  • Incorporation, mergers, restructuring and day-to-day management of private clinics or institutions (M & A, due diligence, spin-offs, contracts, governmental consents and approvals, bankruptcy proceedings etc.)
  • Private practice: practice contracts, incorporation of companies, sale and acquisition, property, administrative consents, tax and labor issues.
  • Pharmacies: creation, regrouping, disposal and acquisition, contracts
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Medical and biological laboratories: regulatory, governmental consents, choice of adequate structure, incorporation, contracts etc.

Healthcare cooperation

  • Healthcare territorial communities
  • Associations and unions between hospitals
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Hospital foundations

Dispute resolution

  • Disciplinary disputes
  • Court litigation