Mathieu Marcantoni has been an Adven partner since the firm was founded in 2014. Mathieu has nearly 20 years’ experience as a corporate lawyer and in managing mergers and/or company transfers.  He is mainly involved in the following areas: corporate law (day-to-day support for companies: private and public companies; equity transactions; management packages, etc.), external growth operations, and managing relations between partners. Mathieu also works in the field of mixed, social and welfare economy, for all players committed to serving the general interest.

Mathieu teaches at the Strasbourg School of Business Management.

Committed to team spirit, Mathieu is notably involved with sports associations in defending the values of sport, which he practises at a very high level.


Mathieu Marcantoni worked for over 6 years at PWC Avocats before co-founding Adven.


Graduate degree in corporate legal advice (DJCE) – Specialised Post-graduate Degree (DESS) in Business Law and Taxation (University of Lyon)

EM Lyon