After 6 years serving as director of legal affairs and public procurement for the Yvelines department, Jérémie joined Adven in 2018 as a lawyer to develop the public law practice (notably public contract law, local authority law, civil service law) before becoming a partner.

Thanks to his former senior position in the legal department, Jérémie has an operational vision of each case, which allows him to efficiently help public authorities to choose the management mode for their departments services and to implement this choice.

Jérémie is an instructor at the National Centre for the Territorial Public Service (CNFPT) and lectures at the University of Strasbourg.



Provided legal assistance to a conurbation community in creating and monitoring a cross-border mixed economy company.


Provided legal assistance to a community of municipalities in choosing a management method for a water park managed directly and full support in the procedure for executing a public service delegation.


Provided legal assistance to a university in selecting a structure to integrate and develop its technical and scientific activities and overall support for the creation of a subsidiary in the form of a simplified joint stock company


Advanced Post-graduate Degree (DEA) in public law (Master’s II, University of Strasbourg)

Postgraduate degree in Community Law (Universidad Complutense, Madrid)