Construction / Real Estate / Urban planning :

ADVEN’s Construction / Real Estate / Urban planning team, led by Geneviève FOLZER et Antoine MARCANTONI, advises you in all issues relating to urban planning and land development, construction law (public and private) and real estate (also commercial leases).

Composed of experienced lawyers, holding a degree in public and private law (Geneviève FOLZER, Antoine MARCANTONI, Anne ZIMMERER, Thiébault DANGEL), the team assists public or private operators (public works companies, promoters, local public sector companies, architects, engineering offices, control offices).

With the help of the other Adven teams, it offers a full, transversal resolution of your issues (public, fiscal, commercial, company law).

The lawyers are also instructors in the group LE MONITEUR.

Areas of expertise

Urban planning law 

  • Urban regulation (conception of the territorial coherence programme, local and intercommunal urbanism plan, municipal map)
  • Urban planning permits (supervision, building permit audit and lawsuits, statement of work, planning permission, construction permits)
  • Planning : ZAC (joint development zone), ZAE (economic activity zone), development operations and agreements, DUP (declaration of public utility), draft declaration.
  • Allotment, grouped permits
  • Urban shareholdings
  • Land acquisition assistance : expropriation, pre-emption
  • Commercial urbanism
  • Urban and planning litigation (civil, administrative, penal jurisdiction)

Environmental law

  • Classified installations (ICPE Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment)
  • Waste, mines
  • Prefectoral authorization, public inquiry, impact assessment

Construction law (public and private law)

  • Advice on construction (public and private law) : procurement assistance (programmation, engineering, studies, management, designing and building, OPC (project coordination), construction work, subcontractors and suppliers, purchasing office)
  • Assistance on contract execution and supervision of studies and works (penalties, counts, public repurchase offer, reception, reserves and refraction, termination, financial claim, final general breakdown)
  • Guarantee establishment (contractual guarantee, hidden defects, guarantee of completion, two-year guarantee, ten-year guarantee, EPERS)
  • Management of collective procedure for companies in the process of construction (and declaration of claim)
  • Judicial expertise : during construction or after (amicable expertise, observation, expertise procedure)
  • Judicial and administrative litigation : liability actions in front of the regional court and administrative court, insurers involving.

Real Estate Law

  • Estate contracts (sale before completion, VEFA), housing promotion, individual house construction contracts
  • Negotiation, drafting and implementation of the lease agreements (commercial lease, construction lease, rehabilitation, emphyteutic lease, rural lease)
  • Cession (tenancy law, leasing, business capital)
  • Financial situation audit
  • Local law (sales agreement, land register)
  • Real estate litigation (including commercial leases)
  • Tenancy law