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Mergers and Acquisitions / Corporate Law


Marisa Pissarro is a corporate law counsel lawyer for small and medium-sized businesses, corporate leaders, as well as stockholders.

In this field, she oversees matters ranging from the build-up stage (choice of structures, drafting statues, shareholders’ agreements, etc.) to later phases involving social life (modifications, transfers, restructurings, external growth operations, etc.).

Currently, she is also expanding her expertise into the health sector (medical biology and pharmaceuticals).

She can intervene in French, Portuguese, or Spanish.


  • 2016  : Fidal Metz, law firm, internship, trainee-lawyer
  • 2015  : Eurovia, public works and infrastructure, internship, trainee-lawyer
  • 2014  : Laboratoires Lehning, herbal medicines manufacturer, break internship
  • 2013  : Audit Conseil Défense, law firm, Nancy, Master II internship
  • École régionale des avocats du Grand Est (school of law)
  • Master II business law and fiscal law
    Université de Lorraine, Nancy, school of law
  • Diplôme de Juriste Conseil d'Entreprise (masters degree in corporate law)
    Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France