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Antoine Marcantoni

Public Law / Urban Planning, Construction, and Real Estate Law


Antoine Marcantoni assists and counsels our clients in matters of public law, and more specifically in economic public law.

He intervenes as a counsel in litigation on behalf of communities and public establishments (state, local communities, intercommunality, hospitals), other public group ventures, combined private/public structures, and companies or associations working with public authorities.

With a specialization in public law recognized by the Conseil National des Barreaux (French National Bar Council), and as an instructor at the Groupe Moniteur, he has developed specific skills in the following fields:

Administrative law: institutional law regarding public entities, public cooperation, public/private partnerships, administrative acts and responsibility, police and administrative sanctions, penal law regarding public entities, public finance and taxation.

Public contract law: public procurement procedures and performance, public service delegations, public works concessions, development concessions, drafting complex contractual arrangements.

Construction law: public works projects, judicial expertise, manufacturers’ warranties (completion guarantees, two-year and ten-year guarantees).

Public real estate law: public ownership (public and private domains, acquisitions and transfers, expropriations, pre-emptive rights, provisioning, temporary license to occupy a site, long-term leases, etc.)

Urban planning and development law: building permits, zoning, etc.

Civil service law: government employees and contractors (recruitment, pay, mobility, discipline, dismissals, retirement).


He also has expertise in the intricacies of Alsace-Moselle’s local laws (associations, religions, etc.).


  • Since 2014 : Adven, law firm, partner lawyer
  • 2012-2014 : Magellan (now Cabinet Alexandre), law firm
  • 2010-2012 : CM Affaires Publiques, cofounding partner
  • 2005-2010 : A et C. Lex, law firm
  • Certificate of specialization in public law, focused public contract law, urban planning, and local community law
  • École Régionale des Avocats du Grand Est (school of law)
    ERAGE (school of law) and eligible ENM
  • DESS (postgraduate degree) in public business law
    Université Lyon 3
  • DU (state diploma) in public business law
    Université Lyon 3
  • DEA (postgraduate degree) in public law
    Université de Strasbourg